Episode Choose Your Story- A Deep Guidance for passes

Nowadays games are an incredible source to kill your boring times and enchase real life skills. There are lots of games available in the stores where you can easily utilize your free time. In the game events are crucial parts where you can develop a new and strong relationship with a favorite avatar. Here you can develop own character and stories. It means if you want to become a writer then you should choose this game. In it, you can make own story and share with other people.

What are the passes?

The passes are kind of currencies which is helpful to unlock the new stories. It means if you want to unlock more and more stories then enough amounts of passes are must be required. Always use passes wisely because without it you are not able to play the game. Today here we will give you a path to obtain some amount of passes free.

  • Always run the game on daily basic means when you open the game in a daily routine then you will get some amount of rewards.
  • If you are login to the game first time, then you should always connect it with Facebook. It means as per you connect with Facebook with them you will get free rewards.
  • The chapters are also an outstanding method to get some amount of passes. It means when you clear the one story and passes then you will get some amount of rewards.
  • Here an advertisement option is also present which will available on the game main screen. When you tap on this option, then a video will play automatically. After watching it, you will get some rewards as a gift.
  • With Episode Cheats you can to get more currencies.

In a nutshell, the given information is helpful to improve your information about the game and paths to get a massive amount of rewards.

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